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Attention Single Ladies: Don't Be Deceived, Real Christian Men Do Exist!

I've had countless conversations with people on the lack of single Christian men in the church. Well I must admit, when I look around in churches it does appear that the church is lacking a strong, godly male presence.  Many single women feel hopeless when they consider the prospects for future husbands.  They feel like all the good, Christian men are taken and they are left with "cultural" Christians.

I would describe cultural Christians as those who may believe in God, go to church, and speak some "Christianese."  However, when you dig deeper, they have no desire to truly follow God.  You hear the comments, "God knows my heart", "God is still working on me", "I'm not Jesus", "I'm human", "God wants me to have fun, too", "I need a good Christian woman; you can help me", and the comments go on and on. I'm not criticizing these men.  I'm just saying that a true woman of God wants a godly…

To Serve, We Must First Nourish Our Own Souls

You Don't Have to Eat the King's Meat

One of my favorite passages in the bible is the first chapter of Daniel.  This is one of the stories about Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and AbedNego.  The four young men were brought to serve the king in his palace.  The men were godly, good-looking, wise, knowledgeable, and intelligent.  Since these young men served in the king's palace, they had the right to partake in all the king's special food and wine.  However, Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not eat the king's delicacies and drink his wine.

Daniel did not want to defile himself and be disobedient to his God.  If Daniel and the other young men chose to eat and drink the king's food and wine, they would be sinning against God.  So, Daniel asked the king to only feed them vegetables and water.  But, the king was concerned that if he only gave them vegetables and water, they would not be as strong as the other men.  Daniel, trusting in his God, told the king to test them for 10 days, and if they were not o…

The Church Should Be a Hospital

The Church Should Be a Hospital. My article on Gifted For Leadership today.