Attention Single Ladies: Don't Be Deceived, Real Christian Men Do Exist!

I've had countless conversations with people on the lack of single Christian men in the church. Well I must admit, when I look around in churches it does appear that the church is lacking a strong, godly male presence.  Many single women feel hopeless when they consider the prospects for future husbands.  They feel like all the good, Christian men are taken and they are left with "cultural" Christians.

I would describe cultural Christians as those who may believe in God, go to church, and speak some "Christianese."  However, when you dig deeper, they have no desire to truly follow God.  You hear the comments, "God knows my heart", "God is still working on me", "I'm not Jesus", "I'm human", "God wants me to have fun, too", "I need a good Christian woman; you can help me", and the comments go on and on. I'm not criticizing these men.  I'm just saying that a true woman of God wants a godly man.  She wants a spiritual leader.  She wants a man who does more than go to church, but a man who loves God.  She wants a man to pray with and for her.  She doesn't want you to pressure her to have sex, but to be a leader and wait for her.

When godly women share these desires with others, they tell her that these men don't exist.  They tell her to lower your standards.  They try to convince her that she will be single if she doesn't.  I've even heard it in my own personal life.  People encourage me to either: lead them to Christ or help them grow.  While that sounds very noble, it is not biblical.  I've even had people quote Steve Harvey to me.  While I don't have anything against Steve Harvey, he is certainly not a legitimate source for me on marriage.

The reality is...they do exist.  Great godly men are out there, you must wait and be patient until God sends you the right one.  I know great men of God; many of my friends are married to wonderful men.  If that was the only evidence I had, that would be proof enough; however, I have also worshipped with and worked with wonderful men who truly love Jesus.  I have met many men over the years who are sold out for God! 

Where is our faith?  Do we believe the creator of the universe is not capable of leading that type of man to you?  Do you believe a loving God would want you to settle for a man who doesn't love you the way you deserve?  Do you believe that God was joking when he talked about being unequally yoked?  Do you truly want to spend the rest of your life with a man who doesn't share your same love for Jesus?  I don't think so!   So ladies, don't settle!  He is out there, if you just hold still and trust God.


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