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Peanut Butter, Simple, Yet Powerful!

Friends, here is a request from my friends in Haiti: GVCM is conducting a peanut butter drive with the goal of filling a 40 foot container that will be shipped to Haiti for its orphanage and school children. The intent of the organization is to ensure that all children are receiving enough protein in their daily diets. They have noticed many children are attending school who appear to be malnourished. The ministry has decided that one way to address this concern is providing peanut butter sandwiches.

The school in Haiti (Thomassique) has about 1800 students and the country is predicting a state of emergencythis year due to the drought, that will result in a lack of food production, more malnutrition, and limited resources for children to attend school.

The Haitian government has already agreed to allow the ministry to bring the container duty free! Please support this effort by donating jars of peanut butter. The peanut butter can be shipped to the Laparkan Warehouse in Miami at: Lap…

What is Hunger? How Can You Help?

I once heard someone say that hunger is not your stomach growling and deciding what you will eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Hunger is when you have stomach pains from hunger and you have no idea when, where, or if you will eat again.  Most of us have never known true hunger because we can easily go to our kitchens, a restaurant, or a food pantry for food.

I serve with a ministry called Maranatha Power Ministries, Intl. who seeks to serve "the least of these." Every week in December leading up to Christmas, the ministry travels to several villages to feed hungry children and the disabled.  However, the reality is, most parents come to the party, as well. They are also hungry. The ministry fed over 24,000 people last year.  When I watched the video from last year, I saw a man crying.  The pastor told us that the man was crying because he had never had that much food to eat.  He's never had more than enough food on Christmas.  While many of us expect countless gifts …

Keep Holding On

I once heard that God doesn't promise that you will never go through a storm, but He does promise to be in the storm with us.  I've learned that God doesn't promise that we will never go through pain, but He does promise to comfort us.  He promises to give us strength day by day.

We question why we must drink the cup that has been given to us.  We look at television and the people around us and wonder why they seem to be happy and we are so sad.  We fail to realize that everyone is going through their own trial and tribulation.  Matthew 5:45 reminds us that, "...He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous."  It seems so unfair.  I love you Lord, so why must I suffer so much?

I had the privilege to have lunch with some powerful women of God this weekend.  We shared amazing stories of redemption and triumphing over painful circumstances.  I believe we were all amazed and shocked at the stories we shared …

One Reason People Won't Join Your Church

Why Won't You Mourn With Me?

Romans calls for us to "mourn with those who mourn."  Rom. 12:15. Yet, #MikeBrown is shot and killed, and the first response is not to mourn, it is to judge.  The response is to demonize the victim. The response is to ask questions that really don't have anything to do with the issue.  When will people take off the blinders and face systemic racism heads on?  This is not a black issue!  This is an American issue!  This is a issue of justice!

The most painful part of this process is watching the silence of friends and the Church.  Should we acquire more information? Yes. Are there unanswered questions? Yes, but one fact remains: an unarmed man was shot dead and left in the street for hours like an animal.  This is combined with the deaths of #JohnCrawford, #EricGarner, #Travon Martin, and #JordanDavis.  I find it hard to watch news clips, read articles, and even look at social media because the pain can be unbearable.

I shop at the Wal-Mart in Beavercreek where #JohnCrawf…

Suicide and Pain: What Are We Missing?

This morning I was prepared to write about being a sacred place where others could come for healing, encouragement and restoration.  I had no idea Robin Williams committed suicide yesterday.  I didn't hear the news because all evening I was sitting with a friend who is going through one of the most difficult times in her life.  I also rushed out the door this morning with two friends on my heart who were also going through a great deal of suffering.  It was late morning before I found out Robin Williams passed away.  Robin Williams, the great comedian?  The one who warmed my heart in Patch Adams. The man who challenged me, through Patch Adams, not to just be a professional, but a professional who cared for people.

I've read a lot of post on Facebook about how we (those still living) never know what a person is going through on the inside.  I've read that a person can be smiling on the outside, but hurting on the inside. While this is certainly true for some, I find many w…

Here I Am, Send Me!

It all started with having a conversation with my friend, Cecelia.  Cecelia shared amazing stories with me about her experience on mission trips.  I was in awe at how God had used her on the mission field.  She encouraged me to consider going because she thought God could use me in the same way.  I don't remember what I said, but I remember thinking that it could never happen!  I was a small town girl and living in the Midwest was a new adventure for me.  From time to time, she would mention it to me, so I vowed to pray.

One Sunday, a pastor from another church came to do a presentation about missions.  He highlighted an upcoming trip to Ghana, West Africa.  My spirit leaped for joy and I felt the Lord telling me that I was to go. I thought, "Me, Lord.  But, how?"  I kept the word in my heart and soon I shared it with a lady in my church. She was so excited for me.  I asked her, "But, what about the money?"  She responded, "Oh, the Lord will provide.&quo…

Turning a Blind Eye Is Not an Option

People of God, we must speak up and out against abuse.My article on Gifted For Leadership today.

August: Clergy Sexual Abuse & Prevention Month

This campaign is designed to bring awareness to sexual abuse in the Church.  This horrific behavior is not confined to the Roman Catholic Church, but the Protestant Church, as well.  It crosses denominational, cultural, racial, and socio-economic barriers.  We must stop acquiescing this behavior and speak up!  If you or someone you know is a victim, you can find help at:  God can heal you and you will receive beauty for the ashes.  Isaiah 61:3.