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You Can Recover

Recovery is a long and hard process.  In fact, when we go through a painful experience, we often wish we can take a pill and make the pain go away.  The truth is, many times we must go through a healing process in order to be made whole.  Healing is an uncomfortable process.  We often feel weak and vulnerable.  We don’t like the pain, so we try to self-medicate.  We medicate on drugs, alcohol, shopping, eating, sex and relationships.  In fact, we make a lot of poor decisions based on what has happened to us in life.  However, it does not have to continue to be that way.  I know a man name Jesus who can heal you, who can cleanse you and who can set you free.  Jesus was not only a man, but He was/is God in the flesh!  Whatever your issue is, He can set you free!!  No what you have been through…you can recover!!!
If its alcoholism, “you can recover” If its drug addiction, “you can recover” If its neglect and abandonment as a child, “you can recover” If its verbal or physical abuse, “you can …

Stop Settling

My good friend Ed Adams told me shortly before he passed away that our desire to settle down causes us to "settle."  Ed was such a godly man who encouraged me to wait for God's best.  As I talk to men and women about their relationship issues, Ed's comment always comes to mind.  God created us to be social beings and we all have desire for companionship, but at what cost.  We often know what we deserve and what God wants us to have, yet loneliness creeps in and causes us to bend our standards.

I've even heard women say, "A piece of a man, is better than no man."  Since when?!?!?!  You are worth more than that!  And, fellas you are too!!!  The bible says that we are the apple of God's eye!  Zechariah 2: 8  We are fearfully and wonderfully made!  Psalm 139:14  Ladies, a man should love you as Christ loves the Church and gave himself up for her!  Ephesians 5:25  This is a sacrificial love!  This love is not physically, emotionally or spiritually abusiv…

Do you want to be made whole?

This weekend I had the opportunity to experience a mighty move of God.  I attended a revival within the walls of a prison. defines revival as a restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.  And, this weekend I watched God restore life and strength to me, as well as, my sisters and brothers in Christ.  God never ceases to amaze me with His awesome wonders.

I watched as the members of the congregation came with an expectation...with a hunger and thirst for God.  I saw the Lord heed the cries of His people.  I saw Him reign down His glory.  I saw hearts healed, chains broken, and faith restored.  I saw the face of evil fall under the authority and power of the Holy Spirit.

I always enjoyed attending revivals growing up in South Carolina.  My heart is overjoyed even now at the opportunity to be revived again.  The truth is we get weak on our Christian journey and we need God to fill us up again.  However, I encourage you that you don't have to wait for a …