You Can Recover

Recovery is a long and hard process.  In fact, when we go through a painful experience, we often wish we can take a pill and make the pain go away.  The truth is, many times we must go through a healing process in order to be made whole.  Healing is an uncomfortable process.  We often feel weak and vulnerable.  We don’t like the pain, so we try to self-medicate.  We medicate on drugs, alcohol, shopping, eating, sex and relationships.  In fact, we make a lot of poor decisions based on what has happened to us in life. 
However, it does not have to continue to be that way.  I know a man name Jesus who can heal you, who can cleanse you and who can set you free.  Jesus was not only a man, but He was/is God in the flesh!  Whatever your issue is, He can set you free!!  No what you have been through…you can recover!!!

If its alcoholism, “you can recover”
If its drug addiction, “you can recover”
If its neglect and abandonment as a child, “you can recover”
If its verbal or physical abuse, “you can recover”
If its emotional or spiritual abuse, “you can recover”
If its rape or molestation, “you can recover”

God wants to heal you and set you free!!  If you look for healing in physical things, you will come up short every time!  Trust Him.  Give your problems over to Him.  Let Him heal you!  He can and will, make you whole.


  1. Not for all things....In all things....give him Praise!!!!!


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