Anna the Prayer Warrior: the Faith of a Little Girl

             I started attended a small prayer meeting a few months ago, but little did I know the lesson I would learn on faith.  I’ve walked with Jesus for a long time, but it took a 10 year old girl to teach me about unadulterated faith.   Anna*, a 10 year old girl, taught me about what it truly means to have faith.  She has touched my heart and I will remember her story of faith for the rest of my life.        
            Anna attends our weekly prayer meeting with her parents.  She usually hangs out in another room watching television, but I now know that she does much more than that!  One day our pastor was teaching on the power of prayer and faith.  He was sharing his testimony about being hungry and not knowing where his next meal would come from.  He shared with our group about the times he had to go his cupboards and pray to the Lord to fill his home with food.  Our pastor told us he spoke to the cabinets and cried out to the Lord that it be filled in Jesus name; little did we know Anna was listening in the next room. 

Shortly after that, Anna’s family faced a financial storm.  While her parents prayed for provision from the Lord, Anna went to the pantry and prayed to the Lord requesting that the pantry would be filled.  What happened?  A family donated food that included Anna’s favorite food; but Anna didn’t stop there, she went to the freezer and prayed that it too would be full!  What happened? A church family donated a freezer full of meat!  Wow!  The faith of a little girl.  Anna, thank you for becoming an example of what it means to have “childlike” faith.    


  1. Carmille - I love the blog about Anna's Faith. I learned at a very young age to have faith in God. My father was a full time minister and there were so many days when we did not have food in the house. My mother did not work and there were six children plus my cousin, who came to live with us at the age of 2. We had to trust and believe that God would provide for us. I like the scripture Matt. 18 1-6 Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. God said to be humble as a little child. As a young child I would pray all kinds of prayers. One summer my siblings and I were catching butterflies. I prayed and asked God to send the largest butterfly for us to catch. To my surprise God sent the largest most colorful Monarch butterfly. It's body was so large it scared me. If you have faith God will answer your prayers. I have more faith stories in my book DreamQuest A Journey of Significant Vision.

  2. Thanks for sharing Stephanie! Where can I get your book?

  3. I enjoyed this story of unadulterated faith. It strengthens me in my own. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Hope!! Her faith blessed me as well!!!


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