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God Has Not Forgotten You

I found the biggest challenge in my faith is when I'm facing tremendous hardship. In those times, I wonder why God doesn't come to my rescue immediately. The hardest part is knowing that he can rescue me at any time, but there is no immediate rescue. I question where is God? Why is he allowing me to suffer like this? In these times, I remind myself of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. They were friends of Jesus. One day Lazarus becomes sick and they sent a message to Jesus. Now you would think that because they were faithful followers of Jesus he would rush to their aid at once, but he didn't. He stayed where he was two more days. When Jesus finally arrives, Lazarus had died. When you are a follower of Jesus, we expect to see good things happen in our lives. When trouble appears, we turn to prayer and ask God to help us. Afterwards, we expect God to come and assist us. Unfortunately, he doesn't always come and rescue us when and how we want him too. Are you a follower of Jesus…