Stop Settling

My good friend Ed Adams told me shortly before he passed away that our desire to settle down causes us to "settle."  Ed was such a godly man who encouraged me to wait for God's best.  As I talk to men and women about their relationship issues, Ed's comment always comes to mind.  God created us to be social beings and we all have desire for companionship, but at what cost.  We often know what we deserve and what God wants us to have, yet loneliness creeps in and causes us to bend our standards.

I've even heard women say, "A piece of a man, is better than no man."  Since when?!?!?!  You are worth more than that!  And, fellas you are too!!!  The bible says that we are the apple of God's eye!  Zechariah 2: 8  We are fearfully and wonderfully made!  Psalm 139:14  Ladies, a man should love you as Christ loves the Church and gave himself up for her!  Ephesians 5:25  This is a sacrificial love!  This love is not physically, emotionally or spiritually abusive.  Men, you are the sons of God!  John 1:12  You deserve to be treated with respect.  Ephesians 5:33  You do not deserve to be with someone who is demeaning and disrespectul towards you!

God loves you so much!  Know your worth in God!  Stop letting people belittle you!  We are sons and daughters of the King!  I know we desire companionship, but wait on God to send the right person.  Don't always rely on someone's words, look at their actions.  Watch their character.  Trust your discernment or gut.  If you are unhappy and they don't value you, keep it moving!!

Ok, off my soapbox!  Let's love ourselves people!!!


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