Keep Holding On

I once heard that God doesn't promise that you will never go through a storm, but He does promise to be in the storm with us.  I've learned that God doesn't promise that we will never go through pain, but He does promise to comfort us.  He promises to give us strength day by day.

We question why we must drink the cup that has been given to us.  We look at television and the people around us and wonder why they seem to be happy and we are so sad.  We fail to realize that everyone is going through their own trial and tribulation.  Matthew 5:45 reminds us that, "...He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous."  It seems so unfair.  I love you Lord, so why must I suffer so much?

I had the privilege to have lunch with some powerful women of God this weekend.  We shared amazing stories of redemption and triumphing over painful circumstances.  I believe we were all amazed and shocked at the stories we shared about our lives.  Yet, because of the light of Jesus we had no idea what the Lord had delivered us from.  We were over-comers and overcoming!  We had come to realize that when when we are at our worse, God was at His best.  We have learned that we can go to the Rock when we are overwhelmed. We can trust in the Lord at all times.

Our experiences have taught us that the Lord has kept our lamps burning and turned our darkness into light. Psalm 18:28.  We have proclaimed many times that "The Lord is my strength and my defense..."  Exodus 15: 2.  We have come to believe that even though we have walked through the valley of the shadow of death, we didn't have to fear evil because God has proven to us that he is always with us.  Psalm 23:4.

We understand now that God is the strength of His people.  Psalm 28:8.  We can now reflect over our lives and declare that the earth may have appeared to give way and the mountains seemed to have fallen into the sea, but we had no reason to fear because God was with us.  Psalm 46:2.

I continue to be amazed at the goodness of the Lord.  I confess that in times of great difficulty, I didn't know what He was doing.  However, I am thankful that I can now marvel at His miraculous works.  I now see how He was working behind the scenes all the time.  He was shaping me.  He was molding me.  He was perfecting my character.

My friend, you may be in the fiery furnace right now, but take heart God is there.  He is walking with you.  He is carrying you.  He is making you stronger than before.  In this process, if you draw close to Him, you can develop a closer relationship with Him.  He will show you how loving and beautiful He is.  He will show you the indescribable love He has for you.

So hold may be difficult right now, but you will get through this!  You are not alone.  God is with you and He loves you.  "So do not fear, for [He is] with you; do not be dismayed, for [He is] your God. [He] will strengthen you and help you; [He will uphold you with [his] righteous right hand.  Isaiah 41:10


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