The Language of the Heart

One morning after devotions in Haiti, I sat and wrote in my journal.  I sat at a table writing down all the thoughts that filled my head and heart.  While I sat there, two sweet little girls sat with me.  We sat there quietly and peacefully; no words; no conversation.  The only thing we had in common was the language of the heart.  We could not communicate with each other because of the language barrier, but I believe they just wanted to be around me and I enjoyed their company.  It was their way of showing love to me without even having to say a word.  This past Christmas Eve, I did not wrap any gifts nor did I receive any presents, but I received one of the greatest gifts in the world...the gift of love and presence.

While I am thankful for gifts that are given to me and I know that all of us are excited to receive presents, I am more grateful for the love in my life and the time I spend with friends and family.  Many times in life we tend to focus on the wrong things.  We get so busy with our everyday lives, we forget to spend quality time with those we love.  Our friendships have turned to hour lunches and rushed dinners.  And, our families only come together at weddings and funerals.  We were created for companionship.  We were created to love one another. 

I know that there are people around all of us right now who need an encouraging word, a thoughtful prayer, or a special touch.  They are hurting inside and you have the words they need to hear to lead them to healing.  You have that funny joke to make them laugh!  You have the hug they've been needing all month long! 

Or, maybe they just need someone to talk about the game with?  Maybe they need some place to watch the Superbowl?  Or, maybe she wants to go see the newest "chick flick" or someone to get her nails done with?  It doesn't have to be anything special, sometimes it's the little things we do.  It's taking the time to be there.  It's taking time to be present; and, through those precious girls, I've found that sometimes it's the best gift that you can ever give someone. 


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