Dying to Live

Yesterday I attended a training on Latino culture. One of the topics covered included illegal immigration. We watched a film entitled, "Dying to Live: A Migrants Journey" In this video, a father described the pain he felt when his daughter looked at him and cried, "Daddy I'm hungry. Can I have something to eat?" The father describes how helpless he was because not only did they not have any food, but he also didn't have any money to buy food. Can you imagine?

I often get frustrated with my son because he will play with his food and throw it on the floor when he's done with it. I do not like wasting food because I've traveled to countries where people often have very little to eat. While I need to teach my son about the blessing of having food, I also need to be grateful that he has more than enough.

I certainly don't have all the answers to address the immigration problem in the US. However, I do know I felt emotionally paralyzed when I saw the extreme measures people must take in order to care for their families. In this same video, I witnessed people walk through the desert with only a gallon of water. My heart wept as many died before reaching the US. As I watched this film, my mind was trying to process people jumping onto moving trains. Some of the people traveled on top of the train, some traveled underneath, and some traveled on top--all were dangerous. Many people lost limbs along the way and others paid the ultimate price.

Our presenter informed us that many women take birth control pills before traveling because of the reality that they were likely to be raped on their journey. For those who don't use birth control and get pregnant from the rape, often don't want the babies. Some women are even sold into human trafficking.

So today I wanted to take time to lament. We need to correct the immigration system in the United States. We need to resist falling prey to the negative rhetoric on the airways. Let us stand up and for immigration reform.

To find more information on this video, click here:

Dying to Live: A Migrants Journey

"This documentary is a revealing, riveting and heart wrenching look at one of the most pressing issues facing our nation...this film digs deeper and explores the hopes and aspirations of the men, women and children who risk everything for a better life and for the opportunity to work toward the American Dream." 

- U.S. Representative Luis V. Gutierrez


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