Broken, but stronger…Injured, but closer…Scarred, but still alive!!

I once heard a story of a wandering sheep.  Every time he was walking with the other sheep, he always seemed to stray away.  Every time he would stray, his loving shepherd would use his rod and guide him back on the path.  The sheep strayed so many times, but each time the shepherd would guide him back.  At some point, the shepherd felt he had to do more…so he broke the sheep’s legs.  The sheep could no longer walk.  He was injured.  He had to rely on the shepherd for everything.  The shepherd had to feed him and carry him.  After being cared for by the shepherd during this broken state, the sheep became utterly dependent on the shepherd.  He became closer than he had ever been before.  He became so close, he never wanted to stray again. 

How does this apply to us?  Many times we are sheep who stray away.  We live in a busy world with so many obligations and distractions; sometimes we don’t have time for God.  Sometimes the temptations of the flesh can lead us away from God.  Many times it’s the hurt and pain caused by people that leave us frustrated.  Whatever the reason, one thing remains…if we stray, the Shepherd will come after us. 

In the beginning, He may use different mechanisms to bring us back to Him.  If we continue to stray away, He will use whatever means necessary to get you back.  Why?  It is because He loves you.  Sometimes, He will have to “break your legs”.  He will allow something to “break you”, in order to get your attention.  He will allow hurt and pain to come into your life. 

It is in this moment, that we begin to rely on Him.  It is in this time, we begin to trust Him more.  This is the time when we develop a closer relationship with God.  We become utterly dependent on Him.  Our faith grows deeper.  We get to know God in a new way. 

The beauty is…after we heal, we are closer to the Lord.  We realize how much He loves us.  We strive to be obedient to Him and we want to please Him.  We don’t ever want to leave His side.  Will we be perfect?  No.  Will we be closer to our Savior?  Yes, if we realize that God is with us and for us!

In closing, will the circumstances in our lives cause us to feel broken?  Yes, but we will be stronger!  Will life injure us from time to time?  Yes, but it can draw us closer to our Lord.  Can we have scars left from the battle?  Possibly, but it can be a reminder that we made it through!!


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