Showing the Character of Christ in the Face of Opposition

In my experience, it is easy to show godly character when things are going well.  Loving people is effortless when people are nice and kind.  But, the true test comes in the face of adversity.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  When I first read this quote I thought it was inspirational.  However, when faced with adversity it can be a bit challenging. 

I find it challenging for several reasons.  First, when we feel we have been treated unjustly, we feel justified in fighting back.  In fact, we feel we are weak if we don’t.  We know the bible says that vengeance is God’s, but truth is, we want vengeance now!  And, we want it done our way!  Why can’t we fight back?  Why can’t we “put our religion on the shelf?”  Why can’t we allow are flesh to rule, if only for a moment?  And, on top of that Jesus, you want us to love our enemies?  Pray for those who despitefully use us?  Bless those who curse us?  Jesus, do you know what they said and did?

Yes, my friends…He knows.  And, not only does Jesus know, He also experienced it.  He knows how we feel.  He will give us the strength to endure.  He will help us to be kind and gentle in the face of hostility.  When our flesh wants to rule, remember that we have the Holy Spirit living in us.  He is our helper.  He is and will be a source of comfort for us.

We must continue to trust God in hard times.  We must continue to be a light in dark places.  We must continue to show the love of Christ no matter what.  God is building character.  He is conforming us more and more into His likeness.  So, be encouraged my friend, God will work it all out and it will be for our good!!!


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